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Acadian Aquatic Systems helps create lovely water gardens and backyard ponds. We offer complete packages for pond kits and pondless waterfalls that include pond pumps and lighting, filters and skimmers. We also specialize in pre-formed basins and pond liners and pond tubing and filters if you want to do-it-yourself. Water treatments, pond dyes, beneficial bacteria, underwater lighting, pond heaters and pond netting are all available for the small pond owner in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland.
Pond Kits
Complete do-it-yourself pond kits are becoming more and more popular. The liner, the pump, the skimmer and waterfalls are all included. Once you buy the kit, just add a dream and a shovel, and you have your own pond!

Complete and detailed instructions are included. Just like the song from Radio Radio, these kits are Easy Breezy Beautiful! From Moncton to Halifax to Truro to Sydney and St. Johns.

If you have ever wanted a pond then these pond kits are ideal as they will help create a perfect eco-system everytime. The kits include everything you need and they come complete shipped to your door. We offer free shipping to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland.

The basic all-inclusive pond kits include the EPDM pond liner, pond pump, filter-falls, pond skimmer and tubing. The larger pond-kits and pondless waterfalls and pond-free systems also include black waterfall foam, lighting kits, float fill valves and more.

Let your imagination run wild! These pond kits are the building blocks for your backyard oaisis. With the addition of aquatic plants, goldfish or koi and ground-cover and flowers to surround your pond you will turn your backyard into a magical place where birds will bathe, fish will swim, flowers will bloom and the soothing sounds of the waterfall will calm you as you bring your backyard to new levels of peace and enjoyment.

See More Small Pond and Water Garden Kits

Medium Pond Kit
Pond Liner Size 15' x 15'

Builds a pond up to 9' x 9' depending on pond depth and shape.

Small Pond Kit Includes:
Skimmer and filter falls
Pump with check valve
25' flexible PVC pipe
45mil EPDM liner and heavy-duty underlayment
Glue, thread sealant and fittings
Large Pond Kit
Pond Liner Size 15' x 20'
Builds a pond up to 9' x 14' depending on pond depth and shape.

Medium Pond Kit Includes:
Skimmer and filter falls
Pump with Triton check valve and auto-fill valve
25' flexible PVC pipe
45mil EPDM liner and heavy-duty underlayment
L.E.D. lighting system
Glue, thread sealant, falls foam and fittings
Pro Pond Kit
Pond Liner Size 25' x 30'

Builds a pond up to 19' x 24' depending on pond depth and shape.

Large Pond Kit Includes:
Skimmer and filter falls
Pump with check valve
50' flexible PVC pipe
45mil EPDM liner and heavy-duty underlayment
L.E.D lighting system
Glue, thread sealant, falls foam and fittings

Pond Pumps
TidalWave™ asynchronous pumps are the perfect choice for high flow, medium head applications where energy consumption is a factor.

Efficient vortex impellers driven by asynchronous magnetic induction provide great hybrid performance, delivering direct drive output at magnetic drive efficiency.

Compact, powerful TidalWave2 Hybrid Pumps offer the best of both worlds.

Features • Epoxy encapsulated asynchronous motor • Vortex impeller • Wear–proof ceramic shaft • 32’ power cord • 2-year warranty

Specialty Pumps
Power-Flo Pumps 2 HP Fountain Submersible Pump

Microbe-Lift Pond Bacteria

Specially formulated to work in water garden ponds, a 100 percent natural and safe beneficial bacteria that will not harm fish or plants. Barley straw pellets and barley straw extract as well as cold water spring and fall bacterial treatments are available. The Microbe-Lift bacteria blends also come in high-count, professional-blends for industrial and commercial projects. For everything from small water gardens trying to combat algae, green water and nutrient buildup to large ponds that require a safe and natural beneficial bacteria then Microbe-Lift is the answer.

Microbe-lift PL provides sustained biological activity in water temperatures even under 55 degrees. It helps to reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels and reduces organic waste build up. PL will seed and maintain biological filters and will improve dissolved oxygen levels. It digests organic sludge, reduces unpleasant odours and breaks down both dead algae and uneaten food. 100% safe for humans, plants, fish and wildlife. Microbe-Lift PL is effective regardless of your pH, with or without sunlight or if alkalinity or oxygen levels are high or low. • Reduces ammonia & nitrogen levels, improves dissolved oxygen levels • Creates a healthy pond environment for plants, fish and animals • Microbe-Lift PL works in water temperatures below 12° and continues to work even if frozen, bacteria will retain viability after thawing .

Small Fountains for Water Gardens.
Add a high-performance pump with fountain heads to a backyard pond. These pumps come with mulitple displays and interchangeable nozzles to create waterbells, foamjets. and multi-tiered floral displays. The multi-function pumps come with diverter valve to adjust the flow to the nozzle and can also be used to connect to a wasterfall or small cascade or to a pond-spitter. Small Pond and Water Garden Fountains

Sicce Syncra Fountain Pump Kits
High performance pumps come with multiple spray nozzles and have a high-efficiency, ergonomical design. Standard two year warranty can be increased to 5 years with online registration with manufacturer. Sicce pumps are renowned for long service life and dependability. Low power consumption and extremely quiet. These small pond fountains will turn your backyard into a lovely oasis.

Light kits can be added easily to create dramatic evening displays.

Syncra 1.5
350 Gallons
23 Watts
6' Head
1/2" Outlet
3 fountain heads included
20' cord
Syncra 3.0
700 Gallons
48 Watts
10' Head
3/4" Outlet
4 fountain heads included
20' cord
Syncra 5.0
1300 Gallons
106 Watts
12' Head
3/4"" Outlet
5 fountain heads included
20' cord
Available at:
Atlantic Pond Supply

Pond Liners
45mil EPDM fish safe pond liner, the industry standard. Our complete pond kits and pondless kits include liners but if you prefer to build your own pond and only need the liner we can provide the liner separately. We ship our EPDM 45 mil pond liners to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.

High Flexibility: We use fish safe 45mil EPDM geomembrane Liners thatremain extremely flexible even at very low temperatures (down to –45 °C), enabling year round installation in a variety of climates and terrain.

High elongation: Our EPDM geomembranes have a high flexibility allowing the membrane to stretch and conform to objects in the subgrade. Perfect for small ponds and large industrial applications. Superior weathering resistance: Our EPDM pond liners offer unmatched resistance to UV radiation from the sun as well as ozone.

Quick and easy installation: Our EPDM liners are available in large seamless roll sizes. We can also provide custom EPDM liner sizes for larger jobs resulting in fewer field seams and less installation time.

Low maintenance: Our EPDM Geomembranes require little or no regular maintenance after installation. The geomembrane can survive normal environmental exposure for well over 30 years and when installed according to best-practices has a manufacturer guarantee over 20 years.

Environmentally friendly: Our EPDM liners are fish safe. We can also provide industrial liner for larger applications in Atlantic Canada.

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Acadian Aquatic Systems is independently owned and operated and is based in New Brunswick. providing sales, service, design and expertise for owners and managers of private, industrial, municipal, wastewater ponds in New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada and the Eastern Seaboard of North America.

We also service the Eastern Seaboard of the USA including Maine. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida as well as anywhere in Canada and the United States and around the world.

Acadian Aquatic Systems
independently owned Canadian business serving large and small commercial and private pond owners with solutions for diversity and efficiency.

Sales & Information
Direct: 506-204-8050 Toll Free 866-533-2863
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