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Ice Eaters®
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Ice Eaters are the most energy efficient dock deicers available in Canada or the USA.

Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Powerhouse Inc. are the most energy efficient submersed thrust deicers and the industry standard in preventing dock damage in Canada. Ice Eater® deicers are designed to be used in the harsh Canadian climate and are used in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland by private marnas, small vessel owners and dock owners who want to prevent ice damage. The submersible motor of theIce Eater deicer, sometimes called a bubbler, keeps ice from damaging docks and boats.  Ice Eater® deicers will leave large areas of open water even in cold Canadian conditions and are also used to keep pump intakes and dam structures free from ice.

Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Powerhouse Inc. offers several sizes from 1/4 HP units using less than 3 amps of electricity to 3 HP units for industrial and commercial deicing, models, and mounting options of De-Icers to accommodate almost every application and condition.

With sizes of 1/2, 3/4, and 1hp and units available in 120V or optional  240V is available  Ice Eater® De-Icers easily fit your location and electrical requirements. Ice Eater® De-Icers can be suspended by ropes, mounted on an optional Universal Dock Mount, or attached to an optional Horizontal Float for operation in many conditions. Also, optional De-Icer Thermostata Controllers  can be added to the Ice Eater® De-Icing system to help control electric bills.

De-Icing is accurately referred to as an art form more than an exact science. Each application and location is different and there is no set rule in determining how many Ice Eater® are needed for a given area or which mounting option is the best. The effectiveness of your Kasco De-Icer depends on many factors. Keep in mind the following table is to be used as a general guideline and each situation is different. Please contact us to assist in sizing and location if needed.

Model Size Voltage Running Amps
Running Amps
Shipping Weight (lbs.) Typical Open Area*


1/4 hp 110/220V 2.5 1.25 25 lbs. 20' to 25 ' Diameter Circle


1/2hp 110/220V 5.0 2.5 35 lbs. 25' to 40' Diameter Circle


3/4hp 110/220V 4.7 2.35 44 lbs. 30' to 60' Diameter Circle


1hp 110/220V 7.0 3.5 45 lbs. 50' to 80' Diameter Circle


2hp 220V n/a 12 65 lbs. 70' to 100' Diameter Circle

* Small bodies of water, the Great Lakes, and extreme northern climates may see less open water areas. Typical ice opening will average 3 - 6  feet in diameter for every 12 inches to 18" inches of submergence depending on air temperatures, winds and Ice Eater positioning and angle.

Ice Eater® Dock Bubbler Deicer by Powerhouse Inc. come complete for suspended operation from a dock or boat in either a vertical or angled position. The angled operation by suspended method or with optional flotation unit produces an elongated pattern of agitated water. A vertical positioning produces a circular pattern. Vertical positioning of the De-Icer works well under boats and docks or between slips and boats.

Adjusting the angle of the Ice Eater suspension is done by simply looping one suspension rope back one or two ribs on the propeller cage. Angled operation can be used to de-ice shallow water areas. This will direct the flow warmer water from a deeper area into the shallower area. Remember, an Ice Eater De-Icer works because it draws warmer, denser water from the bottom and circulates it upward to the surface, preventing ice formation or melting existing ice.

It is often easier to de-ice a boat by installing the de-icer at or near the bow, angled toward the stern. If the water flow is directed toward the shore or a retaining wall, it will flair, forming a desirable"T" shape de-icing pattern.

In tidal waters, split the difference in water depth so the De-Icer is in shallow water at low tide and deep water at high tide. Or, tie your Ice Eater to the boat and allow the boat and Ice Eater to rise and fall with the tide.

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Ice Eater® Features

  • New highly efficient, with the lowest power consumption of any deiceron the market.
  • Patented Heavy Duty PVC design for superior motor amd prop protection.
  • Engineered with reliable, low maintenance components.
  • Endbell made of bronze means long life with no warping or cracking.
  • Industrial strength components stand up to long-term, continuous use.
  • Resists corrosion in harsh salt or mineral water with replaceable Zinc Anode.
  • Dielectric environtmentally friendly lubricating fluid provides maintenance-free, non-toxic and biodegradeable lubrication.
  • Easy, one person installation. Comes with everything you need for suspended operation right out of the box, including two suspension ropes.
  • Supports vertical or angled mounting for maximum de-icing configurations.
  • Easy-to-replace power cords in varying lengths.
  • Optional thermostat to minimize electric bills.
  • Optional dock mount kits for a customized de-icer installation.
  • ETL approval to stringent UL and CSA Standards.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3-Year Warranty. The Best Warranty in the Industry.


Kasco Deicers & Bubblers Buy Online
Acadian Aquatic Systems
is located in Moncton, New Brunswick and serve Yacht Clubs, Marinas and private dock owners across Atlantic Canada. We provide parts and access to repair services for all Kasco products. Deicers and bubblers can also be used by hunters to keep open areas in ponds and lakes.

Marinas and Yacht Clubs commonly use Kasco deicers to ensure the docks remain safe during winter. The units are saltwater compatible and are being used by the Rothesay Yacht Club and the Shediac Yacht Club as well as marinas in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.Acadian Aquatic Systems is located in Moncton, New Brunswick and we serve Shediac, Halifax, Bathurst, Cambellton, Saint John, Fredericton, Bouctouche, Grand-Digue in New Brunswick as well as Nova Scotia including Halifax, Dartmouth, Baddeck, Bridgetown, Ingonish, Lunenburg, Sydney, Yarmouth and anywhere in Canada.

Kasco De-icers come complete for suspended operation from a dock or boat in either a vertical or angle position.

Angle operation by suspended method or with optional flotation unit produces an elongated pattern of agitated water.

A vertical positioning produces a circular pattern. Adjusting the angle of de-icer suspension is done by simply looping one suspension rope back one or two ribs on the propeller cage. Kasco De-icers are effective in either mild or severe winter Dock deicers and bubblers in Canada.climates.

In milder climates fewer Kasco units are required for safe de-icing. Users find that Kasco De-icers create more water flow than any product available.

Download the Kasco De-icer brochure
3.1 MB PDF

Kasco De-icers and bubblers are perfect for preventing costly ice damage due to jacking/lifting, ice expansion, and winter-kill conditions. Kasco De-Icers are industrial strength and designed and engineered to withstand the harshest marine environments making Kasco THE LEADER IN ICE CONTROL ENGINEERING!

Kasco Marine, Inc. offers several sizes, models, and mounting options of De-Icers to accommodate almost every application and condition. With sizes of 1/2, 3/4, and 1hp and units available in 120V or 240V, Kasco De-Icers easily fit your location and electrical requirements. Kasco De-Icers can be suspended by ropes, mounted on an optional Universal Dock Mount, or attached to an optional Horizontal Float for operation in many conditions. Also, optional De-Icer Controllers (C-10 and C-20) can be added to the De-Icing system to help control electric bills.

Sales and service in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. Kasco is the leader in deicing in Canada, private, commercial and industrial.

Contact us for pricing on Kasco deicers in Atlantic Canada. Phone Toll Free 866-533-2863 or by Email info@acadianaquaticsystems.ca

Kasco De-Icers Videos & Testimonials

Kasco Marine dealer in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.Kasco Deicers and Fountains New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.The only De-icer you will ever need.

• For over 40 years, the industry leader in De-icers
• Industrial strength, energy efficient and cost effective
• Only De-icer that has ETL approval to UL and CSA standards
• Designed for saltwater use
• Replaceable power cord
• Performance propellers designed for each specific model
• 1750 RPM means longer seal life than the competition
• Prevent ice damage to boats, docks and shoreline
• Attract waterfowl in water
• Prevent oxygen-related winterkills

Available Models: 2400D, 3400D, 3400HD, 4400D, 4400HD
Units have 25', 50' or 100' cords

Dock Mount kits, C-10 and C-20 thermostat/timer are optional and available
We ship Kasco de-icers to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI and all of Canada.

Kasco De-Icers Testimonials
These testemonials from real Kasco customers are used courtesy of the manufacturers website

Mont-Tremblant Lake, Canada

Protects Renovated boathouse foundation


Lake Muskoka, Canada

Uses 3400D and ice damage is a thing of the past.

Lake Kaugasagha (WI)

A series of De-Icer application from Lake Kaugasagha on the Minocqua, WI chain of lakes.


Washington, D.C.

James Creek Marina uses Kasco De-Icers and Circulators for de-icing in the winter and to keep trash out of the marina during the summer.

Fire Island Pines, NY

Uses over 30 De-Icers to save thousands in dock repair fees

Village of Lake Delton, WI

Replaced a larger, broken down unit with a Kasco De-Icer and had better results.

Maryland & Virginia area

Coastal Properties Management uses several Kasco De-Icers for Winter De-Icing and Summer Water Quality.

Afton, MN

170 slip marina using Kasco equipment for winter De-Icing and summer water quality improvement.

Minocqua, WI

Wet Boathouse protection in Northern Wisconsin.

Georgetown, MD

Georgetown Yacht Basin uses Kasco De-Icers all year long for improved water quality.

Hamburg, MI

Homeowners Association commenting on the quality of service received from Kasco.

Menasha, WI

Summer water quality improvement in a marina application.

CAcadian Aquatic Systems
serves industry, municipalities and private pond owners in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. We also serve the Eastern Seaboard of the USA and Eastern Canada. We also provide expertise and sales across Canada from British Columbia and Alberta to Ontario and Quebec and throught the USA. Contact us for help with your deicing project.

Industrial & Commercial De-icers
Do you need to keep a barge or power dam free of ice? Do you need a heavy duty industrial grade de-icer?

Industrial supply of deicer system for any sized  deicing system

Vertex Aeration CanadaIndustrial Deicing in Canada
Aquatic Systems, Vertex De-icing systems

Such bottom diffuser systems can do more than improve oxygen levels and water quality but are also ideal for deicing. Vertex Aeration Systems come in a full range of sizes that can suited to deicing small or large bodies of water as well as industrial barges, intakes or marinas. Also used extensively in industrial wastewater aeration where cost-effective strategies are required. Vertex systems are low-maintenance and can be installed quickly by a private pond owner or an industrial plant technician.

Download the complete Vertex Aeration Catalog fromAcadian Aquatic Systems
(3.1 MB PDF file)

The Vertex Diffuser Assembly has distinct advantages over other bottom-mount and lake-bed aeration diffusers:
Bottom mount deicing systems can create large areas of open waters• More energy efficient die cut perforations
• “Delta” surface pattern increases active surface area and aeration efficiency during low and moderate air flows
• Reformulated proprietary membrane compound increases flexibility, wear, and clog resistance
• Larger, stronger diffuser ring improves membrane retention and service life
• Redesigned and strengthened diffuser body and membrane backing plate
• StableTrak™ technology increases lift velocity
• FlowControl™ technology equalizes airflow to each disk
• Base unit has a hollow chamber design for adding inert pea gravel ballast
• Lipped base design prevents diffuser from settling into soft sediments

We provide access to supply and service across Canada for Vertex Aeration Systems. Vertex Aeration Systems including: Air-1, Air-3 XL, Air-3 High Flow Systems, Co-Active Airstation, BottomLine Tubing, Air-5 XL, 1/2 HP piston compressors, COM-301 CK, BrookWood Air compressors. Vertex bottom aeration systems provide a beneficial and cost effective method of improving both the water quality of your lake and its overall health.

QuietAir™ Cabinets •Powder coated aluminum for a more durable, attractive finish •Redundant cooling systems with ventilation grill and high capacity fans •Easy access design with lock and key •Easy plug-in connection to electrical service •Heavy duty, light-weight mounting pad •All 'Large Lake' cabinets have an integrated muffler for quieter operation

When your power source is far from the pond use the Remote Valve Box System

It's Cheaper to Pipe Air than Electric. No power near the pond? No problem. Vertex's line of Remote Valve Box Systems allows installation of the cabinet wherever it is convenient. Simply locate the system cabinet where you do have power and deliver the air as far as needed through 1" PVC pipe. At the shoreline of the pond simply install a Vertex Remote Valve Box to divide the air into separate airlines.This will save the thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs.

The Vertex Large Lake Air8 XL5TM aeration system, designed for larger lakes and reservoirs, utilizes Vertex’s latest technology to provide the most aeration for your money. Four super-duty BrookwoodTM twin cylinder HighFlowTM compressors, housed in our rustproof aluminum outdoor cabinet, providing over 22 CFM of air, feeds eight of our bottom mounted XL5 AirStationsTM.

The rising force of millions of bubbles circulates the entire water column, entraining bottom water up to the surface allowing vital oxygen to be absorbed and poisonous gases expelled.

...Total pumping capacity of up to 81,000 GPM ...Huge 5.4 ft2 active lifting surface ...Eight XL5 AirStationTM with eight self-cleaning membrane disks ...StableTrakTM technology stabilizes air column increasing lift velocity ...FlowControlTM technology equalizes airflow to each disc ...5-year "No Questions" warranty ......(4) 3/4 Hp Vertex HighFlowTM Series ...22.4 Total CFM, 25 PSI, 230V ...Highest flow rate of any compressor in its class ...Thermal overload protection ...2 to 4 year extended duty cycle between scheduled maintenance ...Full 2-year Vertex warranty

Acadian Aquatic Systems is independantly owned and operated and is based in New Brunswick. providing sales, service, design and expertise for owners and managers of private, industrial, municipal, wastewater ponds in New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada and the Eastern Seaboard of North America.

We also service the Eastern Seaboard of the USA including Maine. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida as well as anywhere in Canada and the United States and around the world.

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Independently owned.

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